About Academy

History of the Academy of Mary Immaculate


The Academy is dedicated in a special way to Mary, the Mother of God, under her title "the Immaculate Conception". Another scriptural title of the Blessed Virgin Mary "Speculum Sine Macula" - "Mirror without Blemish" - is incorporated in the Academy badge which was designed, in the school colours of blue and white.

The Mirror - with rays of light and the lilies representing Mary, the true woman.

The Cross
- above the shield symbolizes FAITH

The Book
- Symbolizes KNOWLEDGE

The Wattle
- love of HOME and COUNTRY

The early history of the Academy is also reflected in the names of the four school "houses" - McAuley, Goold, Frayne and Sherlock.

McAuley (Green) - Mother M Catherine McAuley - foundress of the Sisters of Mercy McAuley
Goold (Blue) - Archbishop Goold who brought the first Sisters of Mercy to Melbourne. Goold
Frayne (Red) - Mother M Ursula Frayne - the first Sister of Mercy in Australia Frayne
Sherlock (Gold) - Mother Mary Joseph Sherlock - companion of Mother Ursula Frayne sherlock


1857 April 20th Opening of a school for young ladies.  
1858 June Foundation stone of a new boarding and day school laid.  
1860 "House of Mercy" established in Kennedy Cottage (now used as the Administration centre).  
1863 The College comprised 3 sections: Boarding and day school for young ladies
Middle school for children of humbler means
An infant school
1869-81 Palmer Street Building erected.  
1885 Mother Ursula Frayne died.  
1889 Memorial Chapel completed. Mother Ursula Frayne's body re-interred in the Chapel.
1907 Golden Jubilee - Academy Badge designed.  
And more recently...  
1954/55 4 Classrooms built on north site (now used as Art rooms), "N" block.  
1966/67 Hall - Science rooms built as extension to 1955 building  
1971 Boarding School closes 1972/73 "E" Block built - classrooms  
1986 Junior School located in St George's Primary School Pelham Street, Carlton  
1988/89 Administration Block refurbished
1990 Lecture Theatre installed at back of Hall.  
1991 "E" Block extended  
1992 Library renovated in Palmer Street Building Motto "Live the Truth" accepted as a modern version of the scriptual title "Speculum Fine Macula".  
1994 Science Area in "N" block fully renovated.
1995/96 Performing Arts Complex constructed. Junior school re-located from Pelham Street Carlton to the Nicholson Street Campus.  
1999 Arts Rooms Refurbished. Fibre Optic LAN installed throughout College.  
2001-02 College Network expanded.
Palmer Street Building Refurbished, including establishment of IT facilities.
2004-05 Hall Refurbishment.
Careers Centre Refurbished
2005 East Building Refurbished  
2006 Murray Room Refurbished.
Chapel Courtyard remodelled.
10 Year Masterplan commenced
2009-10 Home Economics Room Refurbished